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Hull repairs and steel renewals

Our steel department is well-known for all kinds of steel repair. Our specialties are. We provide, among others, the following repairs:

  • Prefabrication and installation of special steel constructions
  • Ship structure
  • Superstructure
  • Deck equipment
  • Hatch cover
  • Ramps
  • Gangways
Pipe line Fabrication, repairs and renewals

We fabricate Pipes according to drawings, on-site measurements and samples are carried out in our workshop

Our Piping team carries out all kinds of repairs in Ports, Anchorage and during Voyage. Our Highly skilled personnel are experienced in modification and repair of any types of piping system Such as, Sea water, Fresh water, sea water  and steam pipe line, Ballast, Fuel and Hydraulic pipe lines.

Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine Overhauling and repair services

We carry out overhauling and servicing of Low speed, Medium speed and High speed Marine Engine and exchange of liners, pistons, etc during port calls and follow ships on voyage for overhauling and maintenance of its auxiliary engines.

Under water Services

Underwater hull cleaning is a proven cost saving tool for vessel operators. Fouled bottoms result in greater frictional resistance which leads to increased fuel consumption a reduced speed. Higher fuel costs coupled with shorter turnaround times have led to an increasing demand for professional hull cleaning services.

Survey is carried out by our class approved divers under the supervision of an attending surveyor and includes all items normally examined if the vessel were dry-docked.

We can carry out the following Under water services

  • Hull Cleaning
  • Polishing of Ship’s Propellers
  • Inspection & Report & still photography
  • Maintenance & Repairs of Surface Ships
  • CCTV Survey in Recognition by Class Society Surveyors
  • Offshore Diving works
General Services & Work shop Fabrication

We can carry out the following technical services

  • Boiler Repairing and re tubing
  • Crew Elevator Inspection and Service
  • Air Condition & Refrigeration System Repair
  • Ship Renaming
  • MAN Power Supply

Repair and Replacement works for ladders, gratings, ventilation lourves, ventilation heads, valves , funnel , gangway, bollards

Riding Squads

 We engage mobilizing riding team members to join ship requirement for Auxiliary Engine overhauling piping and machinery

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